Tyre plays an important role in your drive and is the key to your comfort, apart from these it also effects the performance of the vehicle largely. But if we go by what Goodyear has planned it might be able to provide us power too someday.

Goodyear recently introduced a new concept tyres at the Geneva International Auto Show that convert the heat dissipated by it into energy which can be used to power the electric. The tyre has been named BH-03.

There are a couple of ways stated in which the tyres will collect the heat and generate power, like there are black patches in the tyre which will use the heat form the sun to generate power and in another technique the heat generated by the friction between the tyres and the road will be used to generate the energy. So when your car is parked in an area with sunlight at peak then the first technique would be at work to produce energy while in a moving state the later technique would be used.

The design of the tyre is quite unique and is one of the best you would have seen. Since its a concept as of now and even the company is fairly vague about the new technology we will have to wait to see if they reach upto the local tire shop next to your door and finally in your car.

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