Every year, humans spend billions and billions of dollars on outer space exploration. The primary aim is to search for a habitable planet or locate down extraterrestrial life forms and then learn from them. It seems as if humans have already exhausted earthly forms so they’ve begun looking outside for more of their ‘havoc happy’ exploits! But are they actually through with their own planet, the Earth? NOAA states that even today, more than 95% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored. Bling bling scientists, they said ‘unexplored’! The little we did investigate brought about such interesting results that it’s rather strange as to why we never pushed forward with more. There is nothing on the surface of Earth, nothing at all that could make us blurt ‘what the hell’ quicker than almost anything that lies beneath. Our own seas are a treasure trove of bizarre, for starters these fancy looking, eerily exotic life forms which can seem more alien than even weirdest of Martians!

1. Deep sea’s very own Lance Armstrong! This creature has seemingly paddled its way to this list! (Oh them puns!)

Deep sea creature 1-Hashingtag

2. The only merry-making creature on this list. This fellow seems to having a gala time down there. (Perhaps it is for my puns!)

Deep sea creature 7-Hashingtag

3. The scariest of the lot. This guy can startle a demon! With those hands, he seems to be serving justice, but that light above makes it seem more like a ‘no explanations asked serving’ which can never be a good thing! No wonder Metallica’s song ‘The call of Cthulhu’ had such an evil vibe to it!

4. I bet if this fellow ever were to challenge anyone to a game of ‘how wide you can open your mouth’ he’d win hands down (Or mouths down?) I bet the companion would be having a not-so-hard time in there!

Deep sea creature 6-Hashingtag

5. This one is unarguably stoned. Maybe he had too much of the drug that Leonardo Dicaprio had in the Wolf of wall street. I wonder how he’d ever escape detection by underwater cops!

Deep sea creature 12-Hashingtag

6. Is that a skeleton? Or are they some sort of eerily glowing feathers? Either ways I’ll make sure to be as far as possible from this fellow when i’ll next attend an underwater conference. Wait a minute..what in the mother’s name??

7. Reminds me of the childhood carol Jonny Jonny. ‘Open your mouth! HA HA HA’ Just there won’t be anyone left to ha-ha-ha with!

Deep sea creature 3-Hashingtag

8. ”And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you.” Nuff said!

Deep sea creature 11-Hashingtag

9. Having a rave party tonight and the light guy ditched you at the last moment? Fear not, this good fellow could lend you a light or two!

10. Forget about the magic carpet. This magic ‘whatever’ looks way cooler for your first ever air date with the hard-to-impress girl next door. Plus it’s fleshy and accomodating just in case if things heat up!

Deep sea creature 14-Hashingtag

11. Thank goodness this creature has a creepy looking, eerily glowing, antler head up top. The moment you see it, you beat a super-duper hasty retreat. As simple as that!

Deep sea creature 10-Hashingtag

12. Seems like a nuclear explosion in super slow motion. Albeit a very colourful one!

Deep sea creature 9-Hashingtag

13. ‘I’m so happy, I’m so happy that I could, spread poison, spit poison as much as I could!’ I just hope when he snaps out of his happiness, he tells us more about what he smoked!

Deep sea creature 13-Hashingtag

14. He’s crying for he wasn’t invited to the underwater rave party. Now he’ll have his revenge! After all, even every fish has his day!

Deep sea creature 5-Hashingtag

15. I’m so cute! Can i kill you please?’ This fellow had one hell of a bad trip! By the way is it just me or does he look a lot like Sweetie pie from Tiny toons!?


Our own mythology reveals many of these being long associated with the wrath of the gods. Besting them was something that the early man did not even think of because of such religious connotations. Neither could they, if they ever decided to! But today, we the humans of the 21st century, are learned people, people who have the will and the technology to bust out such mysteries. Then why are we missing out on a chance for a tea gossip with Aquaman himself? Why such bias for the space when our own seas aren’t any less of a wonder? Do accepted that the immense atmospheric pressures under water are extremely hostile to human life. But are those far fetched planets any more welcoming? Is our technology so incompetent that we cannot best our own planet? So many questions and almost no one to answer!