”Love is something that everybody can relate to. And love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks.”

There is something in this universe that is coded deep within all of us; meant to move all of us, to instigate all of us. It is the subtle feeling of love. I stress upon the word subtle for love indeed is a subtle affair! We complicate it without any reason and at times, to no bounds. Not many understand that loving someone is not a choice, but a strong feeling from within and hence there should be no effort involved. But we rather count on long messages, expensive gifts and occasional outings to keep ‘it’ ‘intact’. But what would happen if one day we finally took love the way it was supposed to be taken? How about we start showing our love in a manner that would be minimal yet heartwarming? Would it mean any less than the former? I bet that the pictures below which focus on the many ‘little big things’ a couple can do, can answer all of these better than the best.

All of these artworks have been created by a Korean artist who goes by the name ‘Puuung’ A painter by profession, he is well aware of how a picture can speak a thousand words. But in the case of this couple, whose life he so ingeniously portrays on his canvas, i’d say a thousand is still an understatement! Without further ado, we encourage you all to go through each of these beautiful illustrations. But do not forget to keep a handkerchief close at hand for these indeed are pictures to swoon over!

a kiss on the forehead-hashingtag A lovely dance-hashingtag cuddling on the sofa-hashingtag he cooks for her-hashingtag holding hands puuung-hashingtag I'll keep you safe-hashingtag In the kitchen with her-hashingtag jamming with her-hashingtag life at home-hashingtag lovingly waking her up-hashingtag no secrets no shame-hashingtag putting her to sleep puuung-hashingtag she cares for him-hashingtag she's sad-hashingtag simple surprises for him-hashingtag sleeping together-hashingtag True love illustration-hashingtag True love-hashingtag Watching movies together puuung-hashingtag what happened love-hashingtag


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