Would a Disney movie still be considered a “Disney” movie if it did not have a happy ending? Have you ever given it a thought? Before you start cursing me for filling your heads with potentially childhood ruining images and ideas you must know that the effort for such imagination on your part (to your horror) may not be required after all. The following images created by Jeff Hong portray sad yet intriguing alternatives that some of our favourite Disney characters could have been catapulted into (or have they been already?).

More importantly, these following images aptly titled “Disney’s Unhappily Ever After” put forth a question to us. What has become of humanity and how did it happen? Is the way we live today the correct way of living? These are questions which when posed to us directly by our beloved characters seem to have a much heavier impact on us, emphasising the need for introspection.
While some of these images may even crack you up (because you’re a sick person!), others may force you to think.
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