The last two years haven’t been particularly awesome for the South Korean giant Samsung. They’ve been accused of delivering sub standard products rocking half baked gimmicks and at very premium prices. Even their advertisements became a matter of jest, focusing too much on things which don’t actually matter, hence eventually making fun of their own selves! Come 2015 and Samsung finally delivers a product that really changes the game for all. The design sees asn overhaul both inside out. And thankfully such an overhaul of design also extends to the accompanying advertisement! Infact this ad is one of the very best i’ve ever seen from Samsung. It perfectly highlights all that is awesome about the phone and never wavers too much into the gimmick territory.

Minimalistic; mature and to the point, it is an advertisement that is truly deserving of appraise!

The best part about the advertisement is that it doubles as a walkthrough of the phone; listing out almost all the things which are to be found in the new model. Unlike Apple; who is allegedly the king of effective marketing, every time they mention a feat, they give solid specifics for the same. And mind you, these numbers are really very breathtaking! Even the soundtrack seems carved to perfection. It beautifully complements the sophistication of the theme, hence playing a crucial role in delivering an awe factor to the viewer throughout! All in all the galaxy S6 along with its accompanying advertisement a great, positive step forward by the world leader, Samsung!