In yet another successful attempt by a brand to grab your attention for their new features and offerings, MakeMyTrip has created this really touching advertisement where a cute Sardar kid is so much crazy for underwater sports and adventures that his family gifts him fishes and underwater equipments on his each birthdays. He mentions that since his last name is Gill he ought to have this love for fishes and other underwater things. Knowing about his son’s love for these things on one of his birthday his father plans to gift him a trip to Goa where he could satisfy all his hankering for the underwater adventures.

But sadly the trip gets cancelled due to a cyclone in Goa and the kid becomes really desolate. Then comes the featured part of the ad where MakeMyTrip offers them an Uncancel feature which would make it possible for them to reschedule their trip anytime they want, hence the kid gets excited again. I could have jotted down all his lovely emotions in this article but then you need to see the video to feel them.

The cuteness and innocence of the kid was sufficient enough to bring a smile on my face and I hope he does the same to you. Tell us what did you feel when you saw the ad, using the comment section below.