With not much time left for the highly awaited Marvel Comics’ superhero ensemble film The Avengers: Age Of Ultron to hit the theatres, Gillette has come out with an innovation film showcasing a dazzling array of razors inspired by your favourite superheroes from the franchise. Imagine possessing a razor powered by Iron Man’s arc reactor technology, or one with Captain America’s vibranium metal shield, or maybe one powered by thunder like the mighty Thor’s Mjölnir , or if even this doesn’t work for you then how about a razor called the XL Gamma (you know who that’s for). All of this sounds too good to be true? Well yes, it actually is. While there is no need to say it, the avengers inspired razors are not there for sale. Releasing an aftermath video for the same stating why the Avengers technology would not be the right technology Gillette goes on to hilariously state that the existing technology is the right technology. However, wouldn’t you agree that this could be the best a man can get?