This girl’s summer break could’ve become her worst nightmare. She was taking some dips in the water while her friends were on a yacht. Who else was enjoying the waters with her, she was unaware! Now we’ve all have had a lot of experiences where we think that this is how I’m gonna die. Quite a chance she had one of these.

Her leisure took a horrendous turn when she realized she was surrounded by a manatee. What the hell is that, you ask? Manatees are large water animals who weigh around 400-500 Kgs (adults) and are generally herbivorous. Despite knowing that a cow wouldn’t bite you, wouldn’t you completely freak out if it came near you? She did too. But, as evil as it may sound, her reaction looks so hilarious! She reacted as if a shark was up her heels! Many jested that it was actually this girl who attacked the manatee and that she should apologize to him for the drama!

While she struggled through her nightmare another video was being shot from the yacht. Now this was indeed spooky!