In today’s society it is socially acceptable for the wealthy to give money to the homeless. Is it acceptable because it’s one individual helping the other or is it because one individual is better than the other?

It is not uncommon for us to spare our ‘sympathies’ to roadside beggars ‘asking for money’. We do not care for their problems, we care not for what they have to say, but all we do is simply flip some money to them and feel proud about helping. But is tossing some change actually ‘helping’ them? What if one day a beggar were to approach us and offer us money. How would we feel? Surprised? Offended? Would we analyse his act as a helping gesture or simply as some kind of a joke? After all it’d burn our egos if someone down the ladder were to offer us money.

This is what drove the famous youtuber Yousaf to conduct this social experiment where he flipped such hierarchical roles. He sat on the roadside with a signboard that reads ‘No one has ever become poor by giving money.’ The way people reacted to his generosity bares the ugly face of our society. People call him a prick, abuse him and tell him how they could buy his whole family. Only two of them act kindly with one applauding him for the amazingly positive message. Amidst the many staged pranks and money driven experiments going viral today, this particular one is deserving of appraise for bringing forth such a life impacting message. It has been quiet some time since a video on youtube challenged my perceptions about people and made me rethink life. I tip my hat to Yousaf for the amazing idea. I hope people learn from it and from the next time, apart from sparing their money, they also spare some thoughts to the people they help.