Just like men love talking about girls, so do women. And more often than not its usually the assets which are the primary objects of debate! Usually men care not about sharing opinions publicly while women prefer to trod along the gossip route behind closed doors. But what would happen if one fine day women were to speak about the ‘actual’ instruments of mass destruction, or in more refined terms; penises publicly!? What would happen to the all so important guys if they found their Johnson’s being discussed about, the size; the color; and weirdly, even the tilt! This is exactly what this video does. A blatant description of the ideal penis size. As a bonus, each of these beautiful women also draw them out on paper, if the rest of it wasn’t bizarre enough!

As with every such video, the video has sparked controversies. People (usually men) are severely offended by the purpose of this video and are straight out calling the experiment as sexist and the humor as gross. After all, a lot of ego’s are bound to be bruised when one of the women declares her ideal size as 10 inches! So yes, people have gone all bonkers about the video touching religious grounds such as circumcision and chastity. But we prefer taking it the way it was intended to be, i.e. poking fun of the most discussed topic of our lives. Give me an S, give me an E and lastly the X; SEX!