Booties are trending the world over like crazy these days. Its not just the boys, but people in general are infatuated with huge posteriors like crazy. Today having a great ass absurdly equates to being a true marvel of nature (even though they are far from natural!) and not finding such proportions sexy can question your very sexuality. Furthermore, our immense scientific awareness has been blindsided, perhaps by the shadow of Kim Kardashian’s godlike ass (Wait, what?) and turned us into asses of a lower order, bound to worship the-all-mighty ass everyday! Hence people making glorious careers out of twerking their spine-resting; poop-outlets! But what if you’re among the select few who do not see any point in this trend? What if you chose not to indulge in this madhouse and straight out let your thoughts be known. Well you can do so but an almost immediate classification as a gay is as inevitable as can be. Or what if you’re skinny and find it all insulting? Sorry; better grow an ass before you toss opinions!

In this video, famous youtuber Nigahiga talks each of the above aspect, changing trends and public reactions in his usual comic tone. His demonstration is hilarious and his arguments spot on! Amazing how a curvy girl can call another one (one with sense of proportions!) skinny and still get away with it but god bless a skinny soul if she ever calls someone fat! A mad, MAD world we live in; peeps! *Grabs popcorns*