Benenden, a 110 years old healthcare company, has witnessed a century long development in the healthcare sector. In the above video, the company gives the viewer a deja vu of sorts, to the development of exercises especially meant for women. From the Ultra-feminine stretches of 1910’s to the aggressive, fast paced Zumba of the 2010’s, the video comically addresses every major fad in the fitness sector till date. The same woman donns the ten different attires which makes the projected change all the more apparent (and very appealing too!) The clothes and the hair change radically decade by decade, which is also indicative of the gradual change in the outlook of the society towards women (And theirs towards the society as well!) Knee length exercise gowns have gotten replaced with the notoriously skin tight yoga pants of today! The change; in all its nostalgic value has truly been a remarkable one and not to mention, rather productive as well.

Apart from the moves, the grooves were also paid the attention they deserve. It’s a joy recalling those classy tunes of old which not only add to the targeted nostalgia factor, but also ingeniously complement the striking change in the attitudes upheld by women. (Mind you, the portrayal of the initial one’s are seriously amusing!) Sadly the song Macarena; in all due anticipation for it was skipped upon by the makers (why, oh why!) But on a positive note, the comments on the video are downright hilarious! We’ve included one right below!

Proof that global warming is real, each decade brings less and less clothing. On top of all the exercising they do of course!