Browsing through the list of some of the most amazing Timelapses I came across this adventurous Timelapse journey of Norway by Rustad Media. This Timelapse has been shot during a long prepossessing journey of around 15,000 kms  (10,000 miles) which includes thousands of eyeful images of the different parts of the countries.

The trip took 5 months to complete covering Norway’s 19 countries which stretch from far south to Northeast where the Russian border is. Rustad Media created this masterpiece with the aim to show the variety of Norway, to include everything from Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) to the deep fjords in Southwest, the settlements and the cities around the country to the moon landscape in the North. The video gives a glimpse of the most scenic places in Norway like Lofoten, Nærøyfjorden, Preikestole and Helgelandskysten.

The Gears Used

Gears Used Rustad Media Norway Timelapse- Hashingtag


The Background Music

The background music used in the video has been specifically created by Jogeir Daae Mæland, and has been named as ‘Frozen Moments’. You can listen to his other creations as well on his Soundcloud channel.

Watch Behind The Scenes

We hope like us it was an eye candy for your eyes as well. You can use the comment section below to mention what you feel about this project and stay tuned to Hashingtag for more such collections.