The iconic Coca cola ‘contour’ bottle is now a hundred years old! This calls for a celebration and to make sure that its a memorable one, Coca cola has partnered with the world renowned art photographer and visionary, David LaChapelle! The outcome is this mind blowing advertisement which makes excellent use of the universal appeal that coca cola enjoys. People from different nationalities and cultures, of different races and colour are shown as celebrating this feat together, raising high fives and intertwining fingers. More than 100 people were made part of this campaign, where frame by frame the hands keep closing together, juggling a coca cola cap in between their fingers! The last frame delivers the climax where the cap fits snugly between two of the hands to resemble a coca cola bottle!

‘When we love, we love together!’

The advertisement is ground-breaking on many levels. The use of one’s hands to form a bottle is a creative idea never thought of before. Then the global love for Cola cola is brilliantly intertwined with a subtly delivered message of equality. If a bottle of sweet water can unite people the world over and bring them together in celebration as one big family, then a lot can still be done to this world! Furthermore, the last frame is really touching, being one of the most beautifully directed resentments against all the colour-hate of today. Amazing how a simple 30 second advert can say so much, yet not speak a single word!

Aptly named as ‘together’, this unique campaign has won the hearts of millions across the globe!