Thanks to the iOS 9.2 update it is now easy for your to download your all pictures shot with a DSLR directly to your iPhone. This is one big update that me being a blogger had been waiting for long and it is finally here. Earlier the task of transferring the pictures to my iPhone to upload on social media was a cumbersome task however now it would be possible in a jiffy. The only requirement for this process is a Lightning to USB connector which would be used to connect the two devices, you do not even require WiFi for the same. Let’s check out the steps for the same:

  1. Connect the two devices (iPhone and DSLR) with the Lightning to USB connector.
  2. Switch on the DSLR
  3. Your iPhone will automatically detect the connection
  4. A screen will open on the iPhone detecting all the pictures from the DSLR
  5. Check all the pictures you want to import to your iPhone
  6. Then press the import option on the Top right corner of the Screen
  7. Menu options will pop up from the bottom of the screen with two options ‘Import All’ or ‘Import Selected’
  8. Just select any of these and wooosh the transfer is complete

It is a simple process and you should not come across any hinderance and just in case you do, just drop the issue in the comment section below and we would be more than happy to resolve it.