The past is usually ‘the number one reason of conflict’ in a relationship especially in its early days. The sexually charged physical endeavours of your past are always known to bring discomfort to your partner more than they ever did to you (I mean, why would they?!) Hence the unspoken mutual agreement of avoiding the topic, atleast in the case of them home runs! But what happens when yo’re confronted on Live TV and required to reveal the exact numbers to your present, long time partner? Awkward, check. Hilarious,check. Calling for trouble, check. Epic reactions, check check!! This video featuring a few noteworthy couples, has it all! But you are warned, the majority of them reveal some downright crazy numbers and what more?; their partners were absolutely taken by surprise, just like us!

PS: Do not and I repeat do not forget to read the comments! They are absolutely and completely hilarious. For your convenience, we’re quoting the pick of the crop right here!

JESUS! 150?!  This dude sleepin with people like he collecting pokemon

Men = divide their number by 3. Women = times their number by 3. This way you’ll get their REAL number.

One couple: ‘We might talk about it later.’

J.Cole: ‘She said she only fuck like 4-5 n***as, so you know you gotta multiply by 3…nobody’s perfect

Some of these numbers genuinely seem a little…unhealthy… -_-