Nowadays there is a trend of writing a six words story on Facebook similar to this trend there is another trend of 360-degree photos and videos being uploaded on Facebook. The idea is to give an all round view of a particular visual and generate more and more interest in the people’s mind. Such kind of innovations was earlier possible only with post-production techniques but now with the advent of new and advanced devices, you can now capture videos and directly upload on the Facebook which improves efficiency as well as saves the post-production cost.


There are several ways to upload 360-degree photos and videos on Facebook.


  • A normal panorama photograph on any of the iOS and Samsung galaxy device can be uploaded on Facebook and it can be viewed as a 360-degree photograph. This is the simplest and an affordable method of all.
  • There are various apps which are available on Apple’s AppStore and google play store such as Google camera and street view, photos captured through them can also be seen as 360-degree pictures on Facebook if uploaded.
  • Along with the above two, you can always opt to buy devices such as Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Thetas. These devices are though costly they give a superior and professional experience. But it will cut your pockets a little bit.


With the above new methods, the latest entrant is going to be the Facebook surround 360 devices. This 3D camera system gives you a spherical footage of the scenario. This exclusive device uses stitching technology that seamlessly merges the video from all the 17 cameras this devices host. It also has a unique design like a play top but the time will only tell how this 3D camera is going to play in the competition.

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