Far away from this tiresome world,  musical sound of the flowing water, soft breeze brushing through your face, you and your loved one in solitude and the night sky full of stars shining at their peak, isn’t that the perfect dream? Alas, if only you could actually do it! But, hey! Why so sad? This dream you could get at a very small price. This looks like the sets of a movie, where the hero takes the love of his life on a memorable boat ride and beholds the beauty for the rest of their lives. Bet this must’ve cost the producer a fortune! Apparently, this is no set but a natural place on this very planet!

The Waitomo Cave (The Glow Worm Cave) is located in North Island, New Zealand. The cave was discovered over 120 years ago and its name translates to “water passing through a hole” (wai-water, toko- sinkhole). With about 30,000 glow-worms illuminating the surface of the cave, Waitomo Cave is amongst world’s most amazing natural places.

Courtesy: Pippatravels

Courtesy: Pippatravels

One is extremely lucky to behold to the scenic beauty of this place. With its unique flora, this cave is the only place where you find glow-worms and as you enter the cave water you are surrounded by eels. They’d love to be fed some goat meat by you, I’m sure!

The above aren’t artificial decorations the cave authority has put up to enhance its beauty, these are natural webs created by the worms to trap insects, just like the spiders! But everything these worms do, they do it in style. Even the uneven threads of webs look like they have been architecturally designed by the master glow-worm. The worms look like little chandeliers on the ceiling, thousands of’em! The worms glow for about 300 days before turning into a fly. Sadly, they live for a very short period of 3-5 days. The pavements and paths have been constructed through the cave to bring you up, close and personal with the nature at its raw best. Aranui Cave Most of us get disappointed when authorities ask us to leave our cameras outside. In this era of selfies you don’t get to click a single photo and show-off? We won’t let that happen! You are happily invited to bring your cameras inside so that you have a memory you’ll forever cherish.

The trip gets more exciting as you get to the end of the cave. There are limestones creating a mesmerizing formation, inclined in various angles. If you’re taking this tour, get used to saying as well as hearing tons of “wow’s as this cave is full of amazing factors everywhere you look.

You can go in a group of twelve and a guide will tell you all about the history and archeological importance of this place in detail. You have stops for small breaks where you can feed your starving tummies as well and click some cool selfies with your friends. Waitomo formations-Hashingtag Now all those who are calculating what a fortune this must cost, you guys have to start believing there was a time where trips did not leave you with holes in your pockets and that those times are still not over! For a 31/4 hour trip, it costs $75 per head ($26 for children)! PACK YOUR BAGS NOW!

Although mankind has destroyed most of our nature, this beauty is one of the very few natural landmarks left untouched on this planet. Don’t miss the chance of capturing the nature at its best, for you never know when you’ll be robbed of this too!