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Mother nature is a terrible force to reckon with. Her wrath is ferocious and her justice swift. And when she erupts, she erupts in a manner that is hard to forget for all. But sometimes, just sometimes such a sight conveys much more than terror. It can be a sight behold, a sight to drop down to in awe! This is exactly what has happened in Chile.

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile suddenly decided to erupt. (Its last did in 1972) It did so in two very fearsome waves, one on Wednesday and the other earlier today. The ash and other constituent materials were shot miles up in the sky straight to the stratosphere where they turned to water and ice. Although the high rising flames were a sight of their own, things got more artistic when thunderstorms decided to interplay the eruption. The result was one heck of an air show as these pictures try hard (yet inevitably fail!) to replicate.

Eruption of Chilean Calbuco volcano


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Nearby towns are filled with ash particles from the eruption.

Calbuco destruction

People are facing severe respiratory issues in Puerto Varas.

Of course such an eruption has alarmed the surrounding areas. Authorities have evacuated 4000 people in and around of Puerto Varas with atleast one hiker reportedly missing. Furthermore the insane amounts of ash released by the 6500 ft. high peak is certain to contaminate nearby water supplies and aggravate respiratory diseases. The government has even issued a state of emergency with president Michelle Bachelet expected to visit the area today. A time-lapse video of the same has also been released and can be found here. A rather artistic flair to havoc; right nature?!