Our little princess of Genovia has grown up, and in the sexiest way possible! Oscar winner Anne Hathaway knocked everybody’s senses as she “Came In Like A Wrecking Ball”. 32 year old actress impersonated the wacky Miley Cyrus as she made an appearance on Spike’s hit show Lip Sync Battle. This celebrity show is hosted by LL Cool J, accompanied by none other than Chrissy Teigen. The format shows two celebrities battling their way by showing off their lip syncing skills where the hosts and audience decide who gets to win.

This latest-yet-already-a-hit-show has starred guests like Jimmy Fallon, Common, John Legend and The Rock amongst other celebrities. The coming Thursday episode will feature Anne Hathaway with Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt and a Clash of Lip Syncing between these two. But what has stunned everyone is the trailer of this episode. Anne is known for her powerful performances but the one she has delivered here will change your perspective towards her. She apparently chose Miley Cyrus’ hit number Wrecking Ball to showcase her brilliant lip sync skills but took it to a whole new level by imitating Miley with such perfection.

At the starting of the song Anne sported a white cropped tank top and black sweat pants which she stripped towards the end. Although, unlike Miley, she didn’t strip naked but had on a white high waisted underwear. As perfection demands, she donned maroon colored Doc Martens, short Miley-cut hair, red lip color and even those square white nails! Too much for an appearance, Anne! Her mesmerizing act had a wow moment where she turns and jumps on a WRECKING BALL! Girl’s got some balls. And as if that wasn’t Miley-ish enough, she was seen “flipping da bird” at Emily Blunt. Too hot for a teaser, I cannot wait to see how Emily fights back. Do watch the episode to be aired on this Thursday.