What is PMS? While many of you may simply answer with a blunt mugged up “premenstrual syndrome”, over time us guys have realised through our (brave) encounters with our feminine counterparts that a PMS has much more to it than just an expanded full form. To make it further clearer, you could think of it as your nightmare (if you’re a guy … and if you have a girlfriend). It’s a time when all the rules of logic that you so obediently abide by come crashing down everywhere around you. What’s worse? You may not even know what to do next after a round of absurd questions, complaining and what not (the list may be long)?

However, the internet may have found the perfect solution to this humongous problem. Ice cream and PMS go hand in hand (well at least that’s what they show in movies!) and what better than ice creams with the exact messages that suggest what you want! Need some more? Well, here you go! Don’t come near you? Sure, if that’s what you need! (It’s a trap bro!) Think you’re dying? Cool, stop thinking! (I’m kidding. Don’t say that. Just don’t!)

Treat yourself and your girl (just kidding, only your girl, you’re in for a hard time bro) to sweet times (LOL!)