Let’s agree guys, all of us STALK online shopping websites, keeping our fingers crossed to find some really nice stuff at unrealistic prices. And why wouldn’t we? No matter how much we shop, we always have nothing to wear! And we might as well come across some amazing online sale on trendy dresses that look ‘oh so gorgeous’ on those perfectly petite models.

I recently came across a fabulous website that sold some stunningly beautiful clothes at prices so cheap, it looked too good to be true. But, meh! I anyways got excited and just as I was about to order, my brain repeated something, IT ALL LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! It took Google 0.44 seconds to give me a much needed reality check. Apparently, the internet is flooded with such scam websites, with thousands and thousands of customers trapped in their vicious fraud!  Though all this is a really serious problem but some of these online experiences are actually so funny. While you check these experiences out, I want you to play the game “Spot” where you have to spot the difference between what people ordered and what they received (This is going to be very difficult, trust me you).

Not many can pull off the ‘busty’ asian look. Amusingly not many realize this yet!

Online shopping fails featured-hashingtag

This dress actually makes me nostalgic (may god be with whoever bought this)

Online shopping fails 3-Hashingtag

That looks worse than a second copy!

Online shopping fails 4-Hashingtag

Just the perfect wedding gown you’ve always dreamt of, han ladies?

Online shopping nightmares 5-Hashingtag

I was actually going to buy this!!! Dammit!

E shopping nightmares 6-Hashingtag

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”

e shopping nightmares 7-Hashingtag

Santa will forgive you never!

E shopping nightmares 8-Hashingtag

And she thought tonight will be her first night so…!

e shopping fails 9-Hashingtag

My young niece can stitch better than that! And, oh, by the way, exactly what she ordered!

e shopping fails 10-Hashingtag

We all know the truth of Chinese stuff.

e shopping fails 11-Hashingtag

This one makes me laugh so badly.

e shopping fails 12-Hashingtag