So there isn’t anything surprising about the idea of “the tattoo fetish” anymore. However, here’s something that takes it to a whole new level. The couple tattoos have become the new it way if proclaiming your love… In style! Nothing says I love you better than the pain of that stinging needle right? So grab some ideas and surprise (or probably shock) your better half with these amazing ink designs.



For a love thatshall last always and forever… The infinity bands are simple, classy and profoundly affectionate. It may also work out perfectly as tattooed weddings rings and add to your special bond.

lifelines- hashingtag

The Lifelines

Binding and intertwining lives together, let’s set those heartbeats at the same pace too. This is intense and goes perfectly for the “life and beyond” types.

minnie mickie- hashingtag

My Minnie Mickie

This one, I found the cutest. Let yourselves be recklessly cute! You won’t be disappointed.

MinnieMickie Kiss-hashingtag

Minnie Mickie Forever

So I see how this could be a little over the top but I think girls are going to love it anyway. Whisper sweet nothings with this adorable tattoo that will remind you your sugary kisses!


Hearts On The Table

This is definitely by far… My favorite. So here’s how u say you love her… You make her your queen! It’s exquisite yet intense… Graceful yet somehow, searing. So have your cards on the table and make sure you pick out the kind and queen… Of hearts.

one life one love-hashingtag

One Love One Life

What evidently stands out here is… One life, one love. It’s enough said already, isn’t it? Lose yourself in wonder and love; let this one speak for your heart…

intertwined- hashingtag


Here’s another reason for you to have your fingers locked time and time again. Its elegance draws you in and the essence behind is just… Oh so romantic!

you and me infinity-hashingtag

You And Me

I’m probably going to start scribbling this in all my notebooks. Just seeing this makes me want to get married already! (Caution: don’t let this sway your heart, dangerous decisions to be made wisely!)

winged love- hashingtag

Winged Love

It’s lovey dovey combined with a hint of mystical… It goes well if you are looking to keep an excitement alive and is definitely a delight to the eyes.

KingQueen crowns-hashingtag


Yet again, the king and the queen don’t seem to go out of style at all…
Crown yourselves into love and keep up with treating one another as royalty…